The benefits of Nearshore Outsourcing

The last couple of years have changed, the way that we work and our, now virtual teams, are commonplace. So, if your staff are predominantly remote working and you can manage them remotely, do you really need to hire them as full-time members of staff?

Finding the additional budget to hire full time employees can be a challenge and when you get the budget, can you find the right fit for the role? Then, when you find the right person, you will probably find that they have a few roles to choose from as you’re probably not the only person to realise that they are a good find.

You need to make the opportunity interesting, you have to match or exceed their expectations for their package and then ensure that you do enough to keep them from being poached in the future for another role.

Finally, what do you do for holiday or sickness cover and the worst scenario of them wanting to leave just when you feel they have bedded into the role. Do you search for more budget to keep them or go through the painful and expensive process of a re-hire?

What if you could fill a role or function in your organisation without the worry, costs and headaches that come with FTE’s?

Nearshore Outsourcing with APPDS might just be the answer

We are not a traditional outsource partner where you just push a service either nearshore or offshore with the typical challenges faced with time zone issues, language barriers or skill levels. No, we work with you to find dedicated or pooled resources based on your skill requirement and level. They would be based out of Europe, we ensure that they are right resources, that they are highly skilled and fluent in English or a chosen European language.

The key part of what we do is to tailor the requirement to your specific need. This normally fits into one of or a mix of the following type of requirement:

  • Temporary resource for a dedicated project or backfill
  • Specific function outsource (Support, DevOps, Application or API builds etc.)
  • Extended or out of hours cover
  • Dedicated resource or resources for specific roles

We then look at the technical requirements that you need, the skill levels, the hours of cover and any overseeing management roles. You can even choose to be part of the hiring process if you’d like.

Whether you are well-versed with outsourcing or this is your first time, we have a very flexible onboarding programme with a low-risk strategy.

  • First 3 months onboarding
  • Decide to move to 1 to 3 year rolling contract or
  • Move to 1 month service improvement rolling contract (max 3 months)
  • Decide to move to 1 to 3 year rolling contract or cease the service
  • Yearly rolling contracts have 3 month notice period

Payment is to our UK business and monthly in arrears to ensure that you only pay for what you use and enable you to reduce capex spend.

We work with a number of organisations that enjoy our flexible approach to nearshore outsourcing, so if you feel that this might be of interest, then please get in touch with us via our contact page or email [email protected] 

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