Application Scaling

Almost every organisation has a dependency on either an internal or external application that provides daily value to their business. These applications can quickly grow in demand depending on the time of day, month or year based on known trends or from unexpected events that trigger a spike in usage.

Trying to predict or know when and how much you need to invest in your infrastructure can be difficult and costly. Having all that compute "just sitting there" waiting to be used is not ideal especially if you are not sure on when of how much will be needed.

Sometimes, just having the compute available is not enough as the application itself may not natively support the type of growth that is needed.

Application Scaling solves this problem and you get a highly accessible application that uses only the resources needed to handle current traffic, which also turns into anticipating and lowering costs.

It is the potential of an application to grow depending on the demand or trends of your business, it is the ability to efficiently handle more and more requests per minute (RPM). This is not something that you just "switch on", it is technical strategy that touches almost every single part of your infrastructure, including both the hardware and software of the system. Application Scaling does more than just act on your behalf. It can also monitor key performance metrics and alert you when something changes. You can set alerts based on just about any metric.

We will work with you to discover the current state of your application that need to be scaled or we can help you deploy a new application in such a manner that ensures that you are ready for any demand, automatically.
With scalable on-demand infrastructure, we can also quickly create consistent test and development environments customized to the current needs of the development team.