Migration Services

Cloud computing has become a critical element in in every company’s strategic plans and can simplify life if right solutions are chosen. Cloud Migration can be an arduous task that can take days, months or years to complete depending on the amount of data and the number of users.

We thought about this and came up with some clever scripts that automate and speed up the migration process to public clouds or between clouds, datacentres, or virtual platforms.

These currently are able to automatically:

  • Migrate existing virtual machines onto a Public Cloud Platform
  • Migrates existing file services onto Azure File Services
  • Makes changes to required policies/configuration files to reference new services used on the cloud
  • Upgrade versions of software deployed onto the virtual machines once on the Public Cloud

We will spend time discussing your goals, rules and compliance requirements and then translate this into Automation Scripts. These scripts are held in a "default state", we then configure these to match your current environment for both your local and Public Cloud destinations.

When you are ready, we will confirm the purpose of each script, setup a test environment, run the scripts and ensure that the results are in line with your expectation. Upon sign-off we will ensure the relevant backups have been completed and then set the scripts live on your environment.

Depending on the size of the environment, this could save months of effort and huge cost savings for the business while also providing the agility to move quickly. Even each situation itself has different requirements and unique set of drivers, our main objectives always remains to reduce migration time, lower migration costs and minimize business disruption. This will allow your technology team to focus on the key design decisions rather than spending time carrying out manual maintenance tasks.