Our consultancy approach is simple but effective. We offer free initial consultations to fully understand your situation and how that is affecting the business.

Although we are a technical organisation, our strategy lies with understanding your organisation and business issues. If we understand the impact it is having, then we can apply the correct technology solution to resolve it as if you can't truly understand it, the solution won't work effectively.

You'll also take comfort from our "end to end" promise that ensures that the consultant that works with you at the start of the project will continue as the Lead Architect throughout, ensuring that you get what has been promised as a solution.


Our team of Project Managers are experienced in wide range of differing size solutions and apply the right amount of time to the deployment, always keeping you updated with changes or raising changes to scope in a structured and controlled manner. They are engaged towards the end of the Consult Stage so that they are fully briefed at the start of the project which ensures a smooth transition into Manage.

We choose to use Agile PM methodology as it provides the right mix for the projects that we implement. As with our consultancy, you will retain the same Lead Project Manager for the entire duration.


We believe in providing you with same team throughout your journey with us, this means that the Consultant that completes your initial consultation and scoping exercise will be your Lead Architect throughout the Delivery phase of your project.

We do this to ensure that nothing is lost from the scope, that there are no grey area's and most importantly, you get the solution that you hired us for. To ensure best practice and minimal risk, the Lead Architect is managed by your assigned Project Manager.

Depending on the project under taken, the Architect or Project Manager my call on one of our Subject Matter Experts to work on specific elements of the delivery as we will always use the most skilled staff for delivery.


We are motivated by success. Why? Because it ensures that our clients get the outcome of the initial consultation and the reason why they came to us in the first place. We get a sense of achievement from this and we hope that by providing the solution you sought, that we can work with you on more projects or that you will recommend us to other departments or organisations that you work with.

Most importantly, when you offer a guarantee based on the success of a project you work on, you need to make sure you accomplish what was requested.