DevOps Modernisation

You would have heard this term being used a lot more recently, but what is it?

It is a smooth continuous flow of learning, testing, feedback and deployment to ensure the improvement of communication and the effectiveness of changes to applications or technical change.

More and more businesses are turning to technology to help them modernise the way they work, become more agile and profitable by streamlining processes between their Development and Operational Teams.

There is not an "off the shelf" solution that you can buy for DevOps, there are some best practices and techniques that can be used to improve the collaboration and effectiveness of your IT Projects. DevOps will help to make IT infrastructure reliable – not only due to the co-operation between the DevOps related teams and the alignment between the development, testing, and production environments. It will help IT infrastructure to become flexible as well – thanks to the adoption of DevOps practices like version control, Continuous Integration (CI)/Continuous Delivery (CD)/Continuous Deployment (CD) pipelines, containers, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), testing automation, total application monitoring and others.

8 Steps to effective DevOps:


We work with you to build your strategy from the business foundations up through your operational layer and into your internal or outsourced development team. This approach ensures that the business need to be translated into business benefit. We can help to speed up software delivery cycle and improve software or infrastructure reliability avoiding heavy expenses.

Implementing DevOps should lead to faster deliveries and issue resolution, reduced complexity and higher quality. But it is not the only business case for modernisation. There are many other cases around end-of-service life risk or packaged products. Old IT estate architectures can create risks across departments and our aim is to help with that either.

Each situation is unique and so are the circumstances of that particular need. Our approach is what makes us different and consult with you from the start with the initial consultation, all the way through to completion and then scheduled review sessions.