Amazon WorkSpaces

Amazon WorkSpaces is a hosted desktop service that serves Windows or Linux remote desktop solutions to your business. Whether you are a small start up or you are an international organisation with offices all over the world, this solution will work for you. 

The migration from large office environments with physical desktops to virtual hosted solutions is happening and if your not considering it now, then you probably should as the key benefits speak for themselves:

  • Simplify desktop delivery
  • Centrally manage you data and keep it secure
  • Reduce costs
  • Easily manage and scale your desktop infrastructure

The easiest way of thinking about a remote desktop service is that it is your own personal desktop that is hosted with AWS that you can connect to from anywhere. It is perfect for scaling organisations up and down with little or no CAPEX outlay, if you need 500 users one month and then 1000 the next, then we can make this solution scale automatically to meet the demand and with the predictable costs in-line. Scaling back is just as easy.

This scaling reduces the requirement of over-buying desktops and laptops based on a "what if", promotes the use of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), enables a "Work From Anywhere" ethos to your organisation and will attract a higher calibre of new employee.

As well as day to day functional business, there are many other use cases for using AWS WorkSpaces such as quick scaling for software testing or development work or could be used for M&A activity when the need to support a quick on-boarding or off-loading large numbers of employees with fast, easy, secure access to company applications and data.

The adoption of mobile, flexible working on AWS is growing very quickly, if this is something that interests you, we can work with you on a strategy to ensure that this fits your needs, budget and any future projects you may be considering.