Flexible and cost effective projects can’t always be completed with full time employees. Sometimes, either a full Outsource or Hybrid solution can often be the right move and we can help. 


Let us take the pain away and provide you with the perfect cost effective fit of skills for your organisation out of Lithuania.

Whether it be one or two people to help finish a project or a specific skill that you need for a few months, we can provide that for you.

We can help you scale dramatically too. We can help you build your full outsource team or if you decided to keep a core local team and empower them to manage virtual teams, we can help with that too.

Whatever you need, we can make it happen.


We can build you a team based on the skills and technical requirements specifically for your organisations needs. 

We are flexible on the engagement and offer short, mid and long term engagements. This means that if you have a one of project or a full out source of DevOps to act as an extension to your team we can manage it for you.

We can provide an Architectural skill set to help you in this area if needed or provide you with an entry level person for the more mundane tasks.

Get in touch and let us know how we can help you.


We offer all types of support to organisations out of our base in Lithuania. This ensures the very best quality for all types and tiers of support at all levels.

Whether you need an out of hours helpdesk or a fully managed 24x7x365 support operation, with escalation management and strict SLA / KPI measure, we can accommodate it for you.

Our far-reaching network connects us to the most in demand needs, common skills and rare bespoke requirements.

Let us solve your short, mid or long term support requirement.