Task Automation

A future-proof IT infrastructure should maintain the freedom to continuously respond to the changing business needs. This requires a different view. Investments in additional staff, considering possible human errors, could be used somewhere else.

So many of the tasks that are needed in the day to day running of an IT Infrastructure can feel repetitive and time consuming. Automation helps you accelerate processes and scale environments, as well as build continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment (CI/CD) workflows.

Take the setup of a new user as a simple example, there is an endless list of things to configure and setup:

  • Applications
  • Rights
  • Permissions
  • Drive Mappings
  • Printers
  • External Access
  • 2FA
  • Plus much more

We are all about saving time and efficiency, so we can work with you to automate all of the tasks needed to create a new user within one clever script. Where required, it will ask the relevant questions of the operator and store the responses for compliance requirements.

Tasks for movers can be created where the rights are edited or access granted/removed. The joiner automated task can be reversed when you want to remove a user from the systems and move the relevant data to archive or to a manager to deal with. These tasks can be created across different platforms in a matter of seconds, which saves lots of time and effort while reducing errors or forgotten elements, which cause frustration to joiners.

As mentioned in the above example, many other standard requests can be automated. Provisioning VMs, patching machines or installing applications could be good candidates as well. We can help automate these entire processes – provisioning, management, reporting, scaling up and down or even more complex structured tasks.

Our approach is to offer optimal solutions, so we will evaluate and help to prioritize the areas for automation. As well as the areas, which may not be worth the investment, depending on actual task frequency and complexity of automation.