End User Technology of the Future

One of the most important things to do, for modern organisations, is to equip your staff with the best of breed End User Technology (EUT). Giving your employees the right toolset to do the job, makes for a more effective, satisfied, and high achieving workforce.

As adult humans we spend an average of two thirds of our daytime in the workplace. Therefore it is of utmost importance to have the optimum environment in which to do our jobs, whilst at the same time looking after our wellbeing.

Technology has massively transformed the way we work. From the tools we use to the physical work environment itself. The classic ‘on-site’ or ‘office desk’ model is changing to becoming less physical and more virtual. Especially for the tradition office desk employee, the office has become more mobile (working on the go), and in recent years become more shifted towards a mixture of working from home (WFH) and in the office.

The modern employee wants the flexibility of being able to work from anywhere, as suits their circumstances. A few things are of key importance when implementing ‘agile working’ solutions in your organisation:

  • Security – as your workforce becomes more physically ‘dispersed’ it is of key importance to protect access to corporate information as well as the assets and tools used to do so.
  • Performance – your staff expect the same, or at least a similar, performance, when working remotely, as they get in the (traditional) office. Consistency is key. Colleagues get increasingly frustrated if the experience degrades, or varies greatly, depending on the specific location/time/device used, to access the corporate applications and data needed to work. 
  • Usability (End User Experience) – Tech must be easy to use and give the user the sense of having that ‘leverage’, which helps him or her to perform better with less effort. All user interfaces to applications, tools or data should be intuitive and increasingly less complex to learn and understand. Choosing the right application ‘landscape’ for your organisation is key, as well as providing the most intuitive ways to access and use these. Many companies have too many applications, which can do similar things, so it is paramount to implement processes that either dictate or recommend the best tools for the job.

We offer:

  • Assessment of the end user technology in your workplace, based on your core business and staff profiles
  • Advisory on the latest end user technology available on the market and propose strategies aligned to your requirements and future objectives
  • Assessment of your end user application landscape, suggest rationalisation and provide recommendations to optimise collaboration, communication, and business processes
  • Assessment of your corporate networks, including WANs, LANs, and Cloud connectivity, and recommend and implement strategies to optimise these against your requirements
  • Implementation of Agile Working Strategies
  • Legacy End User Technology Transformation using Cloud and Mobile technologies