Application Delivery

Employees today may use a notebook or desktop, smartphone or tablet as their device of choice, possibly switching between all of them. Even the operating system they use may change several times a day. This is where we can provide a collection of technologies that ensure that application content and functionality are efficiently and reliably accessible by a large number of clients or users. As well as giving the freedom to work from anywhere while cutting IT costs.

Each company has their own unique infrastructure and goals. Our methodology remains the same, we consult with you to truly understand the scope and expectations. Application delivery is a broad concept and we offer a robust and scale-able application delivery solutions, managing its design, implementation and even its operation for you.

Below are few examples of what our company do:

  • Application packaging services - get applications to your end users quickly, regardless whether you use Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), Intune, Citrix Virtual Apps, Windows Virtual Desktop or other technologies to deliver installation packages.

  • Application migration services – migrate SCCM to Microsoft Intune. Migrate from Microsoft Microsoft App-V packaging format to MSIX and benefit from MSIX App Attach, allowing administrators to separate the applications from operating system in a dedicated layer. Migrate applications from on-premises infrastructure to Cloud completely or partially, using hybrid environment.

  • Application virtualization/delivery services – deliver application employing traditional technologies as Citrix Virtual Apps, Microsoft Azure WVD RemoteApp or a new model of application development and delivery - Containerized apps and Microservices apps.

  • DevOps application delivery pipeline - Continuous Integration (CI)/Continuous Delivery (CD) continuous flow processes that incorporate planning, development, testing, deployment and operations, with the goal of delivering applications more quickly and easily.

  • Microsoft Azure App Service - platform as a service (PaaS) offering to rapidly build, deploy and scale web apps or APIs in the cloud.

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