Optimise your implementation

Citrix Optimisation

Citrix is an extremely powerful and secure way of providing your business within a centralised or hybrid compute model with some organisations creating multiple farms or tiers of service for their departments and employees.

As with any solution of this design, you are highly dependent on the resources being available or scaling algorithms being just right so that you do not waste resource or spend more than you need on local or public cloud compute services.

Some organisations have simply rushed into Citrix deployments based on a company for remote working or a satellite office being required with centralised governance being paramount. Poorly performant implementations of Citrix are very common and this is normally due to inexperienced external consultants or IT businesses cutting corners with the design, requirements or the specification of the required infrastructure.

Sometimes the design could be perfect but the implementation of the design hits issues or time constraints and the project is launched in a substandard manner. This is all too common and we are used to assessing these implementations and resolving them, sometimes at the request of Citrix themselves.

One of the most important factors is a cost and we can help to optimize Citrix solution associated expenses as well. Starting from optimal Citrix licenses selection or consolidation, continuing to choosing most suitable cloud provider and most efficient sizing.
The sudden shift to "working from home" (WFH) requires quick and inexpensive decisions selecting Citrix client devices. We can provide cost effective Citrix ready devices or consult about how to pick versatile BYOD or Thin Client solution.

Our approach is to obtain a brief of the issue by either an initial call or document and then we will ask for you to run some of our analysis tools on your deployment.

We will then give you a fixed price solution and guaranteed fix to your Citrix issues.