Legacy Application Transformation

Some applications have been specifically built for a business and some have become so entrenched in every day process that they often get forgotten as they either "just work" or they are viewed as impossible to replace. 

Legacy Applications have a tendency to hold back IT Projects as they could be in an old programming language, incompatible with other applications or development and support has stopped. These are very common and as such you will find aged servers with no support or updates with major security issues still running key business applications.

Application Transformation can sound like a complete rewrite of the program but it's not, it is about how to enable the progression of the application into a secure modern day environment. This could be making them available across the web or mobile devices, extending the functionality, or migrating your application to the Public Cloud.

Our approach is simple:

We offer a free consultation where we will explore the business and technical business challenges. We will then provide you with a fixed price quote and guarantee to complete the documented work that you sign off on.


IT Infrastructure:
Implementation & Integration

Our most experienced people have been doing IT Infrastructure implementation and Integration work, since before these terms were coined.​

We have been consulting on, and delivering IT solutions, to enterprises, for as long as these infrastructure technology areas have existed.


  • ​Network Design – LAN, MAN, WAN, all the way from older technologies up to current tech e.g. SD-WANs​
  • Compute – centralised/distributed compute infrastructure, Server infrastructure, Virtualisation platforms, Cloud-based compute platforms etc.​
  • Application/Service layers – Core applications (Back-end, front-end), Enterprise packages, cloud-based (SaaS, DBaaS, DaaS, -all the ‘aaS’ platforms​
  • Storage and Backup infrastructure – SAN, NAS, Cloud-backed storage and backup platforms (SaaS, BaaS etc.) SD-Storage etc.​
  • IT Security/Cyber – we have extensive experience in all things related to securing your data and systems, including;​
    • Identification & Authentication technologies & principles​
    • Antivirus/Malware protection​
    • Network /Perimeter protection; Firewalls, Proxies, Switches (NAC), LAN/WAN encryption​
    • Data Protection & Encryption​
    • Data Leakage Protection (DLP)​
    • Monitoring & Alerting (Enterprise Security Packages)